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Niara, (pronounced nee-ah-rah) Innovations Design Studio is all about you and your business. We are a web and graphic design studio specializing in contemporary, bold and professional looks.

Our creative design team will provide the image that best illustrates who you are and what you stand for. We sit down with you and get to know your business...your goals, your team, your target audience, your products. From there we reach for a connection between a design that we'll create for you and the foundation of your business.

The approach of Niara Innovations Design is fresh, contemporary...innovative. We believe in providing a professional service at an affordable price to small businesses, artists, authors, and musicians. Our team is genuine and hold your business as our first priority.

We are "Creating with High Purpose". We are designing with you in mind.

Welcome to the studio!

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Brook Blander
Owner, Head Designer

Every project is an build a dream, to walk hand-in-hand with each client as they make steps towards reaching their customers, and to be a vessel in seeing them through the journey. Brook Blander began her love affair with design in 2000. From playing with codes in ready-made templates, to figuring out the workings of MS Frontpage (web development program), there was an instant excitement for web design and taking on the challenge to make every project one that was unique, personal, and satisfying to the client as well as the end user. Today, almost a decade later, she still prides herself on delivering just that. In a much needed call for web and graphic designers that offered innovative, bold, and straightforward designs, Brook Blander started her design studio to answer for small businesses and artists.

Brook Blander completed her formal studies in Web and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has helped to build a solid web presence for small businesses from hair stylists to tax professionals to authors.

Designing is not, nor has it ever been, a 'job' for Brook, but more a passionate labor. Being not only a designer, but an author and poet, she lives in creative artistry. To design, for her, is about art creation with purpose, which she believes flows into the world of business. Her desire to help others to reach their dreams is what she feels her purpose in life firmly stands on. Each day she lives the Niara Designs "Create with High Purpose".





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